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Michael Strachowitz

My name is Michael Strachowitz and I have been working as a coach, trainer, seminar leader and consultant for individuals, organisations and companies for 35 years. My lectures and seminars led me across Europe and overseas. Hundreds of thousands of attendees and visitors in 26 countries have heard my lectures over the past three decades.

Being a self-employed entrepreneur has always been my goal! I founded a small advertising and sales agency together with a partner. Through the contacts from this business, I finally got to know a company from the direct sales industry in 1977 and decided to become one of their self-employed traders.

This worked well: within 5 ½ years, a sales organisation of more than 22,000 secondary sales partners was established. That was enough to reach the top position in the careers system there. This meant I was one of only three dealers who had reached this stage at that time in Germany. The new business line was developed at the end of the 80's: training, coaching, key-note speaking, seminar leading, mentoring and business consulting.

I have held seminars and lectures with members of the financial industry, artisans, retailers, franchisees, sales organisations, medical practitioners and business associations.

Who is Michael Strachowitz?

For over 40 years I've been an entrepreneur and I've made a breakthrough in network marketing (multi-level marketing) at the end of the 1970s. In this sector, I made it to the absolute top in one of the world's largest companies. Within 5 years I built a sales organisation with over 22,000 business partners (main and secondary). That was during a time in which mobile phones and Internet did not exist. To this day I am fascinated by the people, the possibilities and unique stories that this business model brings out.

I have been teaching for almost 30 years as a trainer and keynote speaker all over the world (in German and English. I teach qualities that are important to achieve private, professional and economic goals. After what feels like 37 earth round-trips with 1.5 million kilometers travelled and more than 600.000 participants, I am still nearly every weekend in front of great people and share my experiences, tips and my input with my participants. And you can benefit from it in my newsletter!




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