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In-house seminars in direct sales and network marketing with Michael Strachowitz

Michael Strachowitz has had positive experience for more than 30 years with his work as an independent guest speaker, lecturer and external trainer in other companies. Michael Strachowitz is regularly invited as a guest speaker to in-house seminars and large-scale events by renowned companies from the direct sales and network marketing (MLM) branch. Even companies that are new to their market rely on the experience and the insider knowledge of a real coach legend. They benefit from his know-how, his experience and his "very special way to get to the heart of it!"

Michael Strachowitz can also help your company make the sales partners, executives, managers and employees of your organisation and sales teams even more successful. Use the services of an external guest speaker, trainer or seminar leader. Your partners, employees and colleagues will thank you for it!

Professional competence from the inside and the "motivation kick" from the outside.

Of course, you are the expert in your field, no one knows your products and internal processes better than you. Nevertheless, there are numerous advantages to getting additional inputs, industry know-how and motivation from an external trainer on board.


Your advantages with Michael Strachowitz as a guest speaker:

An external speaker can address sensitive issues that can become a problem for the entrepreneur, the executive or the supervisor. As an outsider, he does not know the various sensitivities of the participants in a seminar or event - and does not have to know them either.

As an external coach, he can speak completely impartially about what works - or not. He can not be repelled by the fact that he is holding a mirror to the people, sometimes even trodden on someone's toes unintentionally. This can certainly help to agitate the people concerned. The external coach has an anonymity approach towards the customer's day-to-day business. This allows him to talk about the desired topics from a different, more neutral perspective.

At the same time, an external speaker also strengthens the competence and reputation of the “Uplines”, the executive or the supervisor. He confirms things by using his own words. This shows the participants that the management was correct with their explanations. 

An external coaching and seminar is also a welcoming change for your employees and business partners. In-house speakers, coaches or supervisors run out of refreshing ideas. This has nothing to do with their leadership or referential qualifications, but simply with repetitive. This is nothing spiteful; it only corresponds to human nature.

  • Especially when you are new to the market or you are in the beginning of your career I can show you some shortcuts. You do not have to go through the laborious and often costly path of trial and error. Let go of ways which do not work or bring no results and avoid the mistakes that others have made before you. I will help you!

  • Thousands of enthusiastic participants

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  • Michael Strachowitz ...

  •   ✔ Ruthlessly honest & direct
      ✔ humorous
      ✔ educational
      ✔ inspiring
      ✔ authentic
      ✔ motivating
      ✔ refreshing
      ✔ unique
    ... you must have experienced this

  • Booking Michael Strachowitz as a guest speaker

  • means to encourage and motivate your people and to develop the great potential! That means in your sales partners, employees and managers, too.

  • As a guest speaker in your company or at your event, Michael Strachowitz is happy to be at your service and offers you a knowledge and knowledge transfer, which is made up of two sources:

  1. On the one hand from his own experience from the establishment of a successful sales organisation and
  2. On the other hand, from work with and observations from many other companies and organisations. Take advantage of the expertise that Michael Strachowitz has gained over four decades of practical experience.

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